Period Underwear Travel Bag

  • $44.00


Introducing our sleek and stylish period underwear bag - your companion for on-the-go confidence during your cycle. This bag is perfect for storing your period underwear in your purse, gym bag, or while you travel, with a side for your clean underwear and a side for your used underwear. Crafted with durable, waterproof material and a convenient zippered closure, it keeps your underwear secure and protected while you're out and about. Say goodbye to bulky plastic bags and hello to our Wild Moon period underwear bag. Stay stylish and prepared wherever your day takes you!

How to use: If possible, while traveling, rinse your wild moon underwear in a sink, river, or body of water. No need to dry completely, the bag is designed to keep the wet inside and the dry unphased. The underwear can go in wet, or just used, however blood is blood and it may smell after a period of time.

How to care: Hand wash or Gentle Cycle Only. Air dry only. Do not dry, dry clean, or iron.

Size: 9.5 x 9.5"